30 days, 60 post… done!!

In June 1st. more than 220 people start the #Blog30 Challenge. Others get in to a big total of 256.  The idea of that is to do at least 1 post every day, and to announce it in Twitter with a special hashtag, so every other memeber could visit it… It was a good idea, to make us develop the habit to post daily in a blog. Also, we had the obligation to visit other members’ blog and make comments there. And I do. At the end, at least 10,500 words (150 by every post, minimum) are now in this blog. But also I get the habit to think, write and make public a post every day.

I was the only blogger in spanish in all the Challenge. That gives me one strength and one weakness: all the spanish traffic will be mine!! And it was near to zero. So I start making the only bilingual blog in the challenge. And the response has been interesting: an average of 20 people had visiting this effort daily, and an impressive 90 visits on a day record. Near 40 comments had arrived. Not bad if you think that this is my first serious blog, that it had no concrete theme, and that I do the double effort of make it in spanish and english. I learn a lot of lessons to use in the new endeavors I had been designing and writing, and that I will comment to you as soon as possible.

At the end, I could say that the goal was double-reached (I had 60 post, not 30), I learn a lot and maybe not in a daily basis, but I hope this blog is now one of your interesting lectures to do. Thanks for the ride, and welcome to Dichos y Bichos, a log of the trip of life.


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  1. Gonzalo-

    Congratulations on completing the 30 day blog challenge and producing 60 blog post both in English and Spanish. This is very impressive. I will definitely use your blog as a case study when I present on the benefits of blogging. You definitely got more traffic and visitors coming to your blog on a daily basis. Kudos to you and keep up the great work that your are doing reaching bilingual communities.


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