About “Radical Careering”

Thanks to Sally Hogshead, author of “Fascination” book that we comment in previous weeks, we can give away its previous book, “Radical Careering” in PDF. Is not an e-book, is the final version that was printed and you can buy at Amazon.com. And no, is not illegal: for a limited time his publisher authorize to freely distribute it, and she allow us to give to you.

I will comment on some ideas that I like on his 100 radical truths about radical careering. And of course, I invite you to comment and to get the free book while is available (which is for limited time only, and you don’t need to do anything, neither to register!)

Radical Truth 09

Radical Truth 09

In her “Radical Truth #09”, Sally remember us that in this time in which stay in a work averages 3.5 years, let the company to decide on our future is a big mistake. We are the directors of our own career, the CEO of Me, Inc. (And you can see that, beside of useful, it’s design is good and interesting!)

I invite you to download the book aquí, and of course to comment on it. Thanks again, Sally!


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