And the Sunflower did not tide

May 30th. It was predicted that Antanas Mockus’ “Green Tide” will flow Colombia and making him next president of Colombia. It didn’t happen: He gets 21% of the vote. But at least he gets to the next presidential round.

Special character, he is the son of a lituanian family living in Colombia, he was the rector of Universidad Nacional -National Univeristy- when a student strike stopped the university. The Rector, unable to make them be quiet at the auditorium, do what was possible in the circumstance: he drop his pants, underpants, turn around and… Well, expose himself, making a dance (like in the movie Bravehearth).

It gesture, strong and rude, get two results: it get the audience be quiet, but also the “rude” Rector was fired. But a month later, “The Crazy” Antanas -as become widely known- was the leading candidate to Bogota’s Major, in spite of other more professional politicians. “He is someone who can confront the problems, even if He is crazy” was the opinion of people at street. Dressing like “Supercitizen”, with his super hand pick up garbage, with his super hands pointed at graffiti… With his super hands, he won the election.

This is one thing that is pending to do.

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