Brailovsky’s lessons

Today I want to share a personal history. I tried to do a blog in 2000, and other in 2004, but is just this april when I decided to take it seriously. Maybe because the stage of life I’m living now (near forty years), maybe because I had some spare time, or because since december I wrote regularly for two news portals, or because I decided to do it, and definitively because I like to write and trying to explain complicated things in simple language, doing a blog was the “natural” step for me.

Of course, I had “more will than money”, and even if there are a lot of free resources available, my Twitter friend Ariel Brailovsky (@secretosenred) won a contest in Facebook and offered the people who most helped his campaign one scholarship to his course  Expertos en WordPress (Experts on WordPress).

Ariel Brailovsky - Expertos en WordPress

What can I said? Two months later, this blog is the result of applying the course. I know that a lot of the content is not brand new for people who know me from years; but it is true that I found and share interesting new things an do new friends, and also helped me to grow.

Also I discovered, after making painful mistakes, that for no following the lessons as instructed, I ended spending more money and redoing the work (you can see the early version of the blog on and you can see important differences, one of them is automatic translation function: I used to post in spanish and then in english, boring both audiences). This difficult experience show me that is easier to follow someone else’s advice better than trying alone (and I only move one or two steps away: using as host, by example).

I invite you to know Brailovsky’s lessons, and please drop a comment if you decide to launch your own blog, in order to visit you and comment your posts. Go! This could be the first day for you too!!

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