Camel: Horse designed by commitee

Oh yeah!! I used to had committees that designed horses… Well, ideas that in paper look terrific, but in reality was… mmm… Less beautiful and less functional than hoped. Yes, they may be interesting to see, but bad for riding and less useful to get goals. And that’s another of the radical truths of the Radical Careering book.

But I think that not only the enterprise commitee’s process are bad: also are the personal selections that didn’t had in mind the results; the ones that consider the best outcome in the paper, but that did not fit on reality as good as it appears the first time. Or when the reality is distant of that idea. Certainly, I had so many camels in my ideas, that I could manage a tour company in the Sahara desert!! But I think that’s not reality fault, but mine. And you… How many camels are in your attic? (and not the Camel cigars one, but the bad ideas about reality!!)


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