Colombia: “No, we can’t”

In May 30th, Presidential Election Day in Colombia, for the first time two candidates, one supported by the presidency (Juan Manuel Santos, ‘U’ Party, Right wing) and other from society (Antanas Mockus, Green Party, independient)  clash shifting out the traditional Liberal and Conservador parties (like the Democratic and Repulican US parties). Yesterday, June 20th there was an utie second voting, and the results ends with 69.5% to Santos and 27.5% to Mockus. As a parody of Obama’s lema (or the World Cup one) “No, we can`t” get an outsider citizen to the presidency.

Antanas Mockus, votando.

Antanas Mockus, on Voting Booth.

Nevertheless, if democracy is dialogue, Colombia teach us a lesson. Maybe they can’t right now, but they will. An as mexican Partido Acción Nacional creator, Manuel Gómez Morín used to said, to be honest opposition and seek the power is “struggle to eternity”.
I invite you to read the complete column “Applied Microeconomy” in the specialized portal “En la Economia” (In Economics)  here. – Sorry folks, I had no english version of that one. BUT you can read it here via Google Traductor (some errors included).


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