Economy Without Pain – July 22th

The Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Für Die Freiheit, Fundación Caminos de la Libertad and  IMPULSA invited me  to present a Lecture on the future of Mexico’s education on the FORMA2010. And I do. In this AudioBoo, I comment a fragment of it, in wich we compare the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Harvard University. Even if UNAM is nearly one hundred years older, Harvard and his almost 20,000 students is more recognized worldwide. Even if UNAM had 400,000 students and is the best in Latinoamerica. You can hear the complete analysis.

By limited time only, in the page “members only” you can see the complete keynote used in the lecture, and I invite you to see it. (Registered members could see a version with audio, in which you see a short version of it. Also is available to buy personal presentations of this material to forums, seminars, training courses, or as stand alone lecture; there are discount to members of the site).

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