Economy Without Pain – June 24th


Economy without pain, our thursday’s podcast. If get endorsement for a celebrity is a big deal for a company, there is also a risk of losing if he or she fails. When Rolex sponsors the Roland Garros Tournament, both win. But in the other side, when Tiger Woods proves his character’s fails, it also damages General Motors or Gillette. So, the big star loses all sponsorship deals for his failures as husband.

During World Cup, Mexico’s consume oriented company, Panificación Bimbo (Bimbo white bread company, the biggest in the country an in latinamerica)  tides itself with National Selection of Mexico, and in a very good form. But with the selection distant of hugh results, it’s slogan “Do Sandwiches!” is now a national parody as “Don’t do sandwiches, do goals!!”. But there is another, worst case  (Three minutes).

The in and out are in spanish. Don’t worry, the comment is in english. Thanks Coach Jane Lee for her ideas on using AudioBoo and on navigation of this page.

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