Economy Without Pain, Now in iTunes

At the end of 2009, my Twitter Friend @El_Enigma invited me to write a column about Applied Economy for his blog The idea of the column is to analyze an everyday problem with the economy tools, but trying don’t to use complicated mumbo-jumbo. And our common idea is that economy is pranced in everyday life, but the experts trying to do it so complicated in order to can sell advice. It’s more simple that that!! You can see all the columns published here.

But in few weeks, there was interest in make it a radio comment, by invitation of Idestmedia. And we did. Every thursday, and for a day you can hear online. Later, I discoverd how to use an Audioboo (thanks to this post of Coach Jane Lee), and added to this blog as the regular post on thursday (in difficult form, because there are restrictions to activate plugins here). Latter, we discovered that an English version is good idea, and we added.

Well, the great news are that now you can subscribe to “Economy without pain” in iTunes. There are short capsules -three minutes flat-, for applied economy without complicated theory, that’s why is “economy without pain”: easy, enjoyable, useful, entertaining… and I hope you enjoy them!! If you like them, please recommend it! The link for iTunes store is

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