Fascination – {F}Test results

Perfect. Yesterday you follow my advice and take the {F}Test proposed by Sally Hogshead to found what are your fascination “triggers”. At the end , your result is like this:

{F}Test results

Example of an {F}Test result

What’s that about? Well, now the Test has identified what of your 7 Triggers are your first and second option, and which one is your “dormant trigger”. So you can now rephrasing your messages, proposals or ideas in a way that get reinforced by you acts and form of being.

In the image, that person had an unusual combination of Trust and Vice… That implies that could be a very successful Rebel Leader, because people trust and follow him and is against traditional roles. Besides, even if not noted in the image, Prestige is his “dormant trigger”, so the opinion of society had him unworried. A perfect rebel! (Note: Is not my personal result. You can’t said it’s me…)

So, if you did not do it yet, I invite you to take the  {F}Test and to comment your results in this post. I even create a Menu button so you can see the whole series. And tomorrow I had for you a special surprise, to thank you for reading us this ten days of talking about this book that had surprised me and liked… Well, really it had “Fascinated” me.


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