Fascination – {F} Test

Already covered the seven “triggers” of Fascination that proposes Sally Hogshead, you could be asking what are yours. Undoubtedly, there are some you like the most or one that you feel more close to you -many friends with I comment this, used to fail in adequately identify his triggers. I do wrong myself-. So, one good complement prior to read the book is evaluate you r triggers by the {F}Test.

In that, after a brief questionnaire, your main and secondary trigger became identified, also your get your dormant trigger clarified. This could be very useful to get your message adequately communicated or to identify which causes some of your decisions. If you accept to give your e-mail and make public your results, also can get a comparison with other people. I do that, and I like that my combination of 1-2 triggers is almost unique (0% of total, in a 2,000 evaluation pool).

If you are interested in do an {F}-Test, click here.

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