Fascination: Lust

The next 7 post will try to cover and discover the ideas behind Sally Hogshead’s book, “Fascination”. She said that people and brands use a combination of two main factors to get people “fascinated”, and that makes an offer unique. So, all the week we will visit her main ideas on the topic.

So, today we will cover Lust. Sally said “Lust invites people closer, adds humanity and warm, makes people crave you, is irrational, instintive, and invaluable to creating irresistible messages. Its very very hard to ignore.” And she is right.

Event if Lust had a sexual initial sense, really it’s about the irrational desire to posses something or someone. You can remember all the times that happens to you. In the video she illustrates the point with Steve Jobs’ Ipad keynote.  And we must consider she’s right: lust maybe start with sex, but is a far way to go and one of the triggers of fascination.

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