Fascination: Prestige

We keep covering the Sally Hogshead’s book, “Fascination”. Today we comment on the Prestige topic, that one that makes us dream of better places or better persons -even if it is in a plain sense of one thing alone.

People with prestige? Well, some are obvious. Prestige comes with great wealth, beauty, status, fame, luxury, lineage… so for the majority is difficult to achieve. But not necessarily, because even if those  aspects come from birthplace or family, also could be achieve by a top performance, a rare collection, a great catch; things that we can achieve even if not born in a golden craddle.

I must recognize that prestige is not one of my triggers. Maybe the top performance of an artist or sportsman must be celebrated, but not more. Maybe because the wealth, the beauty or the status come with a doses of arrogance that it’s very difficult to ignore. I hope that if I become wealthier or whit major status, I keep myself simple…

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  1. Hi Gonzalo,

    What a great post. I would like to suggest that prestige is a construct that is reinforced by the norms of a specific society. True beauty come from within. It is the person who cares for everyone who they come in contact with. True wealth, is found in the time you spend with family and friends having fun or helping them.

    The other view that the society has of prestige is misguided and false. Once we realize this is a false construct, we will change and become really beautiful and wealthy.

    All the best,

    • Kevin:

      I agree with your opinion. But also I understand that in “Fascination”, Sally pretends to demonstrate that there are 7 triggers to build influence over other people, and in that sense, Prestige is stated to certain products. Rolex, Mercedes, Mont Blanc, Brut are names that excel in their markets and make a two-way route: a product sponsored by Rolex gets some immediate prestige, but also (if is like a World Class Tenis Championship) get more prestige to the sponsors.

      Thanks for comment!

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