Fascination: Vice

So, let’s talk about Vice.

No, better not.

Why you wait I will do the same every day? Why I must?

If I do that I will become predictable. You will consider that today’s post is only an actualization of yesterday’s one. And I don’t like that. Of course, I had my agenda, keep my dates on time an get my work before deadlines. But also I like to make unplanned activities, to do different things, try new restaurants, bring flowers with no specific cause, to read books of topics diverse from my professional field and… well, write a blog about nothing I really know, only to make an oasis in the cyberspace so I can talk freely about my ideas and interesting things I discovered in the life’s path. To talk about Saids and Bugs (Dichos y Bichos). So I do today. That’s why I’m in the #Blog30 challenge, because… it’s different, it’s new, it’s interesting.

Well, the Sally Hogshead video for today, about Vice, is here for the ones that like to keep the info going, in spite of my vices:

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  1. You talking about something unexpected fits right in with your video, anyway! Thank you for sharing it. I never would have thought of vice as anything good in any way.

    Which is odd, come to think of it. I don’t see myself as that uptight or straight-laced. Well, not since my idealistic teen years anyway.

    Best wishes with your #blog30!

    • Karen:

      Thanks for your comment. The post was intended to show Vice in action as a motivator. I know a lot of people go to click the video, and at the end -as you did- that discovered that the post fits right in the video.

      I wait your visit the next days to keep knowing the seven triggers of fascination, and in the last day I will give you a link to the {F}Test in order you can identify yours!!

      Greetings, Karen!

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