Final Countdown… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Today is June 25th. That implies that in 5 more days we will finish the #Blog30 Challenge from @JanetteCates. This has been like an enormous course on blogging. I got very positive experiences. I think that previous to close it, its time to do a recall of the most important lessons learned. is a platform very limited as hosting to get the most of your WordPress software. If you like to do something useful and positive of your blog, did not host here because it stops the use of plugins. By example, to listen audio is necessary a new windows; the share buttons are limited… among others.

There are a lot of tools I learned from my fellow challenge members, by example:

And, of course… That I enjoy doing this! I am grateful that we get more than 20 daly visits on average, more than hoped.

I think that the proposal of Janette Cates of doing #Blog30 Challenge was very positive. I hope to had the habit of writing daily… And thanks to all the readers! I will stay here for you.


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