How much worth a political party?

When we read the previous polls in Colombia, who states that there were a virtual tie between presidential candidates Santos and Mockus, and then we verify the results, when Santos get twice the Mockus’ votes (46% to 21%, with 49% participation rate), there was a question. “What happened then?”.

Happened that Santos get the support of Partido de la U (U Party; U by Union but also by Uribe, actual president), that is not only the incumbent, but also had more electoral expertise than Partido Verde (Green Party) who support Mockus. And even if He did a better campaing using social networks, less publicity and electing the sunflower as the element of identity, he showed that that’s not enough. A political party wort about 25% of the votes, in this example.

Why can the people express support on social networks, attend rallies and call TV and radio… and not going to vote? It is a dilemma worth study.

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