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When making an multilingual and multicultural blog like this, there is a topic that turns on very quickly and also that is key: What I do write on my blog today? It’s a tricky question, because it can bring you traffic or make all the people going out yielding in the contrary direction.

Why? Because if you try to write to please everyone, you will get the different effect: everyone will be angry. If you choose a very local issue, the abroad people will not be interested, specially the newcomers. (“Really this guy thinks that fishing with live flies on the south Mississippi river  is engaging?”) If you take a broad focus, trying to talk on general issues, is very short what you can said. (Ok , the transcendence of the good practice of the human rights could please everyone, except a few dictators here and then. But what can you add to the debate on a short post?).

So, you finishing reflection on “Ideas to blog”, and asking your audience to let you know what are they interesting in… And tomorrow I will update here the “7 link” updated for July, and I will show you three tools which can help to solve that problem the next day. Until tomorrow, I ask you to, please, let me know what is your favorite topic in Please, can you make a comment today? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Good points – it's important to consider who our readers are and what they would be interested in reading about.

    • Yes, Michelle… But not get fixed on one theme only. From time to time, surprise them with different topics or, better yet, with a guest blogger.

      Thanks for commenting. Bienvenida – Welcome!

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