Smile! You are on hidden camera!

Central de Videcámaras

Central Monitor Room, SSP-DF

Mexico City had a new program of videocameras fixed in all the city. The program will ended with the colocation and control of near 8,500 cameras installed. Some of them are state-of-the-art, with capabilities or “hear” shots and turn around to locate the place of fire.

The program, which starts at the SCT Metro (Subway) helped to down felonies up to 75% in six months, even if the system is not fully operational – eventually, it will be capable to identify any person with arrest warrants pending, and to detect when go on the station, in order to be arrested. But with 5 millions of users everyday, that will be not easy task.

The other issue relevant is: Privacy. if every user of the subway is recorded against it’s will -or even without knowing- in order to get delinquents, is not an Orwellian society capable of make the Big Brother a crude reality…? I invite you to discuss this item.

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