So, nice result!

I want to thank you for the warm reception to the new version of the blog. I started to spread the word – even if not ready yet- and you keep coming. That’s very good news for this everyday’s relator. You can start to found the new elements of the blog, and more are coming.

The most important new one will be the area for subscribers only. It will had enhanced materials, and I hope you find the special added content will be interesting. You will had access to videos and slideshows of some special articles not available elsewhere. The firs one, the conference at FORMA that I give today as part of the International Entrepreneurs Forum 2010 presented by Friederich Naumann Stiftung für die Freiheit, Integra and Fundación Caminos de la Libertad. The public today come from Canada, Chile, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and half mexican states enjoyed it so much, it was a nice result. They will be able to access it here.

The subscription will be free, and you only had to register. So, I hope to see you inside soon! Welcome!

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