Social Network did not get everyone

Antanas Mockus Presidente - Por Permitor

Antanas Mockus – Yes, I had write about him all week long, but I did not finished yet – make presidential campaign very interesting for the media and no few individuals, because he did not use the traditional strategies of mass media communication -TV and radio- via paid messages; even he used very few posters and walls. His publicity was mainly via social network, Facebook and Twitter, and the massive use of sunflowers (girasoles) to signal the hope of the “ola verde” phenomena (The Green Wave, the name he select for the campaign).

This helped to get upperachievement idea: he can mobilize citizens, starting a new form to do politics. It was considered as “tropicalization” of Obama campaign, who with small donations of $1, $5 or $10 can defeat the Clinton’s professional electoral machinery and then the GOP, Republican party.

In colombian case was not enough: make a RT in twitter takes seconds; go to a public political rally which is also a Facebook meet reunion its interesting. But the social network did not get everyone, or at least don’t make you go voting on election day…

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