Talking to a suicide blogger

Last week I talked with a good friend which blog I had follow for three years now. I like his writing, his vision and focus. He commented that in his three years he already hit 5,000 visits to his blog. This is very good, undoubtedly. Also said that he view my new blog (this one) and he liked it, and he wish me luck. “How much visits did you had?” he asked. “Well, in both versions of my blog, previous one and what you see… about three thousand”. (There is no trick: I was on the #Blog30 Challenge (that in one day bring me more visitors than one regular month of my friend), I publish daily, and  I try to do the readers to subscribe from different ways (email, RSS, newsletter, share buttons).

I had the impression that my friend will try to suicide soon: at the actual rate, I could outnumber his three years visits in a couple of months more. The main difference is that he writes “for himself” and I also try to be readed. As Robert Kiyosaky used to say:

“Is not the same to be a good writer as to be a best seller author. I do best sellers. And if  also you like the way I write, wonderful!”

Well, for those of you who wants to promote your blogs (and because my friend made me to remember this document) I invite you to read the special report “Talking down a suicidal blogger” right away, and I’m sure you will discover interesting tools to grow your blog, specially if, like I, you are starting at blogging, but want to grow quick. And if you find the report useful, I asked you to recommend and comment this post. Thank you!

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    • Hey! Interesting model you had there! And for all our spanish readers interested, remember that Philippines was part of spanish empire sometime (The Nao de China really covers the route Manila-Acapulco) and they used to have spanish language as official until 1986, so there are a good and fluent spanish workers there!!

      Saludos y gracias por venir.

  2. Hey!!

    I forgot to tell you about a tool very useful to acomplish a bigger list. His author call it Subscriber Magenet and I use it here…

    If you didn’t notice, it’s because is very discrete, but useful. I think I will do a post on it soon…



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