The #7links challenge

As you know, I’m going on the installation of this blog. I want it ready, all functional and in order on time for the  Ultimate Blog Challenge that starts on August 1st. And for that reason, I visited a lot of pages last days, looking for convenient and useful tools. And in the road there are here and then ideas like “the #7link challenge”. And the good ideas must be used!

I found “the #7link challenge” on Problogger . The central idea is simple, but powerful: you make a list of:

  1. Your first post
  2. A post you enjoyed writing the most.
  3. A post which had a great discussion
  4. A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written
  5. Your most helpful post
  6. A post with a title that you are proud of
  7. A post that you wish more people had read

Of course, beside the list, you publish it on Twitter with the hashtag “7links” in order to more people find out and all the bloggers can assuming the challenge could find it quickly and pay a visit. As you can see, its a good form to make your blog better know -and to show your preferences too-. So I decided to adopt it, but with the following variations:

  • I added the page 7links trying not to be just a post, but a useful resource for the new visitors to know the blog better.
  • I will publish it every month on the 3rd. day -so I can read the data on visitors, discussions and elsewere- as a post and updating the 7links page. 
  • I will start it on August, in order to give you time to comment in this blog, who keeps changing and updating all the week. You know, make it operational in multilingual mode is not a minor task, and I keep it going yet.
So I will wait for you at the begin of the month in the post, or in your first visit on the blog in the top menu. And of course, if you had a blog, I challenge you to accept the #7link challenge!! You can put your blog link as a comment in order to all the readers can visit your blog. It’s all right with you?

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  1. Wow – What a great idea! I love this and thanks for the information. What a fabulous way to get more people involved with your blog too! Thanks, Michele

    • Michele:

      Thanks for visiting, and I'm waiting August 1 to start the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I know that Michelle and you are preparing a daily idea for our fellow participants; this is one great idea from Problogger and an adaptation ideal for the closing of the Challenge.



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