The Use of Juarez

My good friend, candidate to PhD Marcos Marin, also talk about President Juarez on his death’s anniversary. But he make a very uncomfortable analysis towards the politics of the last century-and-half: “Everyone said that Juarez is the main precedent of his Party or form to see life”.

By example, Marin said, on Juarez 200th birthday ceremony in 2006, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI, left-center, on charge of the presidency from 1929 to 2000) said that Juarez was a liberal anticlerical, and that he didn’t will be as close to the Catholic Church as others – in a guarded critique to National Action Party (PAN, right) presidents of 2000 to 2010. But PAN deputies said that Juarez was a genuine democrat, not as the ones that make frauds to get the presidency longer than the citizens wants (as reference to PRI’s long regimen). The Democratic Revolution Party (PRD, left, never in the presidency but won the Major of Mexico City uninterruptedly since 1997, first election of that office) said that they are the continuous  representatives of Juarez preoccupation on helping the poor…

And in one sense, three had reason. But also, every interpretation they do are incorrect. You can see Marcos Marin’s page to know more on his views of this topic.

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