Tomorrow, “Behind closed doors”

When you write a blog, you construct relations and links to other people. It’s your own space, but in order to have sense, you have to share it. First, with the readers. Then, when people who had the interest of writting comments and share his views on the themes. And eventually, you get contact with people who offered to write a guest post some time. But when someone offeres a regular column, you can tell that your blog is growing.

So, I write as guest blogger to Coach Jane Lee (When you blog in another language) and for Gwen Tanner (Your blog is international whether you know it or not). And you can read some guest bloggers, like  Gwen (la alegría de escribir un blog para audiencias internacionales, also available in english).

Today, I’m gladly to announce you that, starting tomorrow,  @El_Enigma will offered you every tuesday, his column “Behind Closed Doors”, that I’m sure it will be successful. He said that all the confidences an comments he will write here, will be knowing that he is among friends, in confidence… and behind closed doors. We wait for you near nine o’clock -Mexico City time-, every tuesday, as part of other projects we will announce. So, welcome, get in and read and comment “Behind Closed Doors”, by  @El_Enigma!

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