Welcome, come in…

Have arrived here, noble traveler. Extend your feet, get a rest. The trip of the life has been long and difficult, but not ended yet. Get here some “Saids” to read. Ear here some refrains you must know. Or maybe not. The important situation is that you are here, now. And you are welcome.

What I ask of you? That this is an oasis for you, like it is for me. Don’t bring in negative thoughts, or problems. That belongs to the world, and not of this area of cyberspace. Maybe is not brilliant, or notable, or memorable. But it IS. And this principle make it important.

Your comments are welcomed. Your ideas are appreciated. Go on, comment on your, about your ideas, about your reaction about this “Saids and Bugs”. Don’t talk me about the world and his problems: talk me about you, because what I think and feel I put it here. An that way, one by one, we together could be better. Welcome, come in…

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