Why Mockus?

We spent all the week comenting about Antanas Mockus, the independient candidate to Colombia’s presidential office, who get the support of the recently formed Partido Verde (Green Party) and get to the second round of elections, turning down the traditional Liberal and Conservador (Conservative) parties, and putting face against the actual president candidate, Santos of Partido de la U. (U Party). Why talk about that? Why Mockus?

He used to be Major of Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia in two different terms (not consecutive, because of law restrictions). In that government he faced guerrilla, corruption and social disintegration with imaginative formulas. And also he make the presidential campaign in a creative way. He and his successor as Major (and also member of his actual campaign, Peñaloza) take measures like fire corrupt police officiers and use mimes instead (yes, a clown was more effective to regulate conducts of drivers than a corrupt police!), build a rapid bus system and create 1,200 libraries in all the city. It’s the kind of politicans who make real differences and people live better. Even in they do as far from US or Mexico City, it is a case for study and an example to follow.

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