Why so many Sally?

Some friends had told me why I’m so obsessed of talking about Sally Hogshead’s book. First, I do ten days on Fascinante, the seven triggers and  the {F}Score. And now, I’m writting about Radical Careering. There are some motifs, and no, no one included financial advancement or previous personal relationship.

  1. Because is good material. It’s well written, well presented, and interesting. I’m sure that If you check it, will discover interesting things in here.
  2. Because she is a good communicator. As I said, I know of her material via TEDxDF organizers, and since then I reviewed the material, including her videos of conferences to learn more.
  3. Because she is so gentle to  answer my tweets on twitter, and she let me share her book “Radical Careering” with my blog’s readers for free. (Got yours? its here).

As you can see, to get in contact with an published author and a genial lecturer is not common. And less if you are a new blogger, and a lecturer-to-be. She’s not the only one I thank for help and support (you can see my previous post). That’s why I write a lot about her in this blog.


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  1. Like Gwen said…. people like to be recognized. It really doesn’t take much… in fact, sometimes the more simple the consideration… the more heart felt it’s taken. Just a simple, “I appreciate you.” can go a long way.

    • True, Kathryn… A simple “thank you” can do wonders! In this case, I want to do more, because Sally has been very attentive and supportive to me -and my readers-. Near 80 people had seen the free book, but no one had comment on it or send me a mail.

      And I must apologize to you: in my list in “final countdown” I forgot to include you. That’s because I follow your blog daily, but I didn’t had it yet in my bookmarks. I used to find you in twitter very soon, every day, and I see your post immediately.

      Friends, you can see Kathryn’s blog here.

  2. Hi Gonzalo!!

    This is exactly what I mean when I say having your own product is a great way to be able to connect with your customers! You’re able to communicate with one of your favorite authors on a personal level. Another good thing is the social media aspect, a lot of authors are getting connected that way. BUT to them you are still just an @twitterperson – and most likely they will ignore your tweets (or have someone else manage their twitter account).

    Imagine knowing the names of each person who buys your product directly from you (digital or physical). You’re able to thank them personally via email. This is one reason I enjoy buying custom made products – I love supporting those people who are passionate about what they are writing or creating.

    I’m glad to hear that Sally is taking it a step further and connecting directly with you!


    • Gwen:

      You are sooooooo right!! I will try to advance my own product, and of course I will inform you when's ready!! I think that #Blog30 had been a great tool to train myself as a blogger. And I take a lot of advice from your blog! (Hey, people, check it out here. I'm sure you will get good ideas for yourself too!)



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