Why we move?

For all the people who had read this blog in the last month or so, it will be a surprise the change in all the stuff: design, tools, content… And maybe you are surprised. You must not!! It happens that, as I said, it’s my first blog in a while, and the first one I took seriously. Then, I discovered that the most recommended platform was WordPress, because is easy, reliable and very useful. But there is a difference between using WordPress as software and using wordpress.com as hosting. Well, I did not know the exact difference, until recent!

I had some issues posting my Audioboos and other tools I learn from my fellow challengers on #Blog30. But also adding share buttons, comments and other plugins, and even Twitter. And the issues become growing every time, and with frustration added. When last friday I tried to post my trophy from #Blog30 and I can’t, that’s it, I decided to move!!

I expect that you will find this version of the blog easier, beautiful and useful; that we can interact better and, at the end, a better tool to keep in touch. Bienvenidos y gracias!

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