Winds of change at the city

It seems like there are winds of change at the city. This post is written at a Metrobus, the Rapid Transit Bus System – Which uses a way for itself and the driver didn’t sell tickets, they are paid at stations. This let me observe things that otherwise you don’t notice when driving.

We go by Insurgentes Avenue, one of the largest avenues in the world. In its urban section, it covers 45 kilometers (28 miles) inside the city. But also become a national higway which connects the nearby cities of Pachuca and Cuernavaca.
We go fast, specialy if you see the cars at normal road.

A man goes on caring his baby, and someone give him a seat. Maybe because is male, maybe because the bus goes semi empty. But that call my atention too.

At last, in Parque Hundido (Sunk Park; it’s one floor down street level) there is an apartment tower that start building AT the park, but was stoped. There are a lot of public buildings, but also a lot of closed business over the avenue. There are undoubtedly winds of change over the city…


Interior of Metrobus on Insurgentes Avenue

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