Fascination: Mystique

Ok, so yesterday I refuse to talk on vice, but also feel obligated to cover my compromise in #Blog30 Challenge… Maybe because Jeanette make me feel that it’s a great goal to post daily, at least 150 words, and to make me the habit of write in my blog. She’s a great leader doing it. Maybe because she can get profit from it, but it’s secondary: I feel she are really committed to the members of the community of the Challenge. She had mystique in her labor. And we all get benefits from it. So, here is Sally Hogshead video on Mystique:

I must confess that when I take the “{F}Test”, my secret hope was that my points will be high in Mystique. But not, it was’n one of my top strengths. So I start dubbing about the veracity of the test. But when I rethink of my thinking about the test, I discovered myself arguing mentally with the styles I ranked  higher, so I must said that the test was right. Well, at least…

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