Mexico either can

Yesterday I said that Colombia can’t make a change. Well, today Mexico played its third game in the Southafrica Soccer World Cup, now against Uruguay, ant either can. In the inaugural game we tied one goal with home team; in the second one we beat France, actual World Champion, 2-0. Today we lost with one goal against.

While with the winning against France the national mood goes up and make a hugh Fiesta
at the main capital Monumet, the Angel of Independence (that it this year of our bicentennial celebrates one hundred years of been build), today is a general sorrow. True, we go on to the next phase of tournament, but we will face Argentina, that has trowed us away in several World Cups, and the team who lost today agains Uruguay looks weaker than the one that wins over France.

Todos unidos

All Together - By Alarcón -

I know that for some international readers the people cartooned will be unidentified, but in this site that aggregates press caricatures Monoaureo (“The Golden Caricature”), you can see the evolution of our temper this week. So, we only keep to wait that Mexico can make some important… Even if that is play a fifth game in a World Cup.


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  1. Claudia De la Cruz

    cruel pero cierto… me encanta la caricatura. Seguiré pendiente te tu blog. Felicitaciones y éxito!!!

  2. Go Mexico.

    When my son was in Brazil a number of years ago as a Christen Missionary… they had to stop all work during the world cup. No one wanted to hear the message of Christ’s gospel during a game.

    I hope Christ’s has a sense of humor! I’m sure he does.

    Good Luck Mexico!

    • Kathryn:

      Thanks for visiting. Brazil was 5 times World Champion, so I understand that they had stronger passion than us about soccer!! (We are hoping to go to the 5th game, something we did only the two times Mexico was local team.)

      And I hope that Our Lord had sense of humor… or, at least, he understand our human weakness!

      Thanks for stopping by.


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