Right on the campaign

Mockus On Bolivar Square

This week we write about “right” and “wrong” in Antanas Mockus’s presidential campaing in Colombia. But it is necessary to make a balance. In the last rally of  the campaign (photo) we saw his principal achievment: he make the ordinary citizen, the plain society, that it is possible to make different politics. You can see the whole plaza, everyone on green, and the majority arrived at his own pace and everyone pumped up.

We need to mention that Colombia has two long-tradition parties, the Liberal and the Conservador (A bit like Democratic and Repulican US parties). None make it to the next round election. There were put aside by Partido de la U (Party of the U, by Union Party, but also named by actual president Uribe) and by Partido Verde (Green Party), that for the first time in history participate with his own candidate. And if Mockus can’t win, also is true that he make the goal to send out the traditional options. That’s not lesser goal. We wish luck at the second election day.

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