So, Father's Day

Okay, today we are at Father’s Day. Fortunately, I had mine yet with us (my brother and I, I mean). But also I remember my grandparents. They were very special folks to us, and I not exaggerate if I said that we had the imprint of them too. I remember my grandfather Javier (that’s why there is an “J” in my name!) as always close to us, always willing to serve anyone in the family. He used to be retired, so he take us to many sites -I remember specially a vacation to Careyes, in Jalisco coast… The first time I traveled without my parents out of the city!!

My grandparent Pedro, my mother’s father, he had 25 children with my grandmother. They lost 5 prior to born, and other 5 died before turn 2 years;  so his familiy ended with 15 brothers and sisters, from which my mother was the oldest, and I’m his first grandson. Not bad for a Mexican Revolution orphan!!

Well, I remembered them, and as this Blog is the most personal one – no business or troubles here- I do an stop to bring they to memory today.

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