Sunday of national pride


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I wrote this post previous the soccer match between Mexico and Argentina, that is the first game in the final stage. The previous is a round-robin style, in wich every team faces three others of his own group, and the best two of each four team groups advance to the next stage. In this second, there is a 16 branches tree, in wich a pair of teams goes on against other, and one of them goes to a 8 branch tree, then a 4, and then the 2 best plays for the World Cup. I know that for many people this is obvius, but I also think in the ones that hear that there’s a world cup in Southafrica, but no more.

Well, this morning at church I see a lot of people with the national’s team uniform, prying God that Messi (main player of Argentina) can’t score against Mexico. In the last coup, Argentina drow Mexico out. I hope this will change soon. (The game starts in an hour… I will inform you what happened then).


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  1. At the end, the game ended 3-1 and Argentina wins. The first goal was an error of the referee and was invalid, but accepted. The second one was a mistake of mexican defender Osorio. The third one was a good goal from Argentina. And Mexico’s only annotation was a superb action from “Chicharito” Hernández. So, the Cup ended for the mexican team (also for US, England and Korea).

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