Fascination: Power

Ok, First thing first: The video is here:

What more can I said? This was the first video of the series on Fascination triggers based in the book of Sally Hogshead. (I forgot to said earlier that her twitter account is @sallyhogshead, my fault, sorry). Also is my favorite. And she’s right: Power could be our biggest motivator, or the worst destructor we had.

Maybe when we think about power, we mentally go to the interior of the Oval Room at White House, in a moment of national relevance. Or maybe we think in a congressperson office, at the time of evaluating a bill. But also there is power within us, every day, at every moment. In each of our elections, where to go lunch, what clothes wear , who person married or what profession do -even at the moment to accept doing the #Blog30 Challenge- we make a power decision. Maybe it can’t affect the whole world like Obama’s decision, but  it makes life different. And in that sense, Power is the biggest trigger to Fascination, at least in my opinion.


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