#7Links for July

In Problogger they propose to do “the 7 links Challenge”. In it, you have to identify:

  1. Your first post.
  2. A post you enjoyed writing the most.
  3. A post which had a great discussion.
  4. A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written.
  5. Your most helpful post.
  6. A post with a title that you are proud of.
  7. A post that you wish more people had read.

As I said, in the main menu you get my 7 links to the entire history of the blog; the next list is only for JULY. Of course, the spanish version could be different in some points, and I invite you to check it too!

  1. Economy without pain“, June 1st, 2010
  2. Freedom for all: Ñaupari“. I read the book before writing the post, and was my notes to the presentation of the book. I owe you yet the chronic of the event.
  3. Talking to a suicide blogger“. One comment form Philippines, 15 days AFTER publication… Fine!
  4. 10 More Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes Each to Move Your Business Forward” from Michelle Shaeffer. In the main list is the first part of this list; in July she published this list. Great advice.
  5. Talking to a sucide blogger“. Good resources to build traffic. In english…
  6. Ended… but not finished“. A nice word game, which captures the essence of the post.
  7. The Joy of Blogging for an International Audience” I want more people read it, because it’s the very first guest post in this blog, and was written by  Gwen Tanner.

I ask you to visit them and make a comment in this entries. Or tell me in this page if you agree or not with this list. Check it also the spanish version, who had a couple of different selections. And don’t forget to visit the main menu 7 link list. And please, share a comment if you had a #7Link  Challenge page too! Don’t forget to share the address in order to everyone can visit and comment too. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Interesting list of blogs. I especially want to read "Suicide Blogger" and "Joy of Blogging"



    • Welcome, Christian, and feel free to comment in this blog. Your comments are pre-aproved since now, and everything you comment will become available immediately.




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