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Since I took that course in history, on November 11th, 2004, I never think I could get certain pleasures that having a blog had offered me.

Say, I could put here my curriculum vitae of the blog / my job / virtual area /etc. but it never could be the personal.


Many asks, what is the enigma? An is the first time of the who? So, the what is a blogger / analyst and consultant / newscaster / writer /etc. who keeps anonymous, and the who is beyond all logic.

Even this, there is people who keeps asking and, you know? They are gone very far.

By five years I keep anonymous, and I feel so sorry to lost a fellowship of United Nations, that on December 31st, 2009, I go out, the shadows avatar or, as I was called, the ghost, had gone.

But if you are attentive, I left some clues, some easy and other difficult to find, some obvious and other not, but that’s true, there are some parts of me at the Net, parts of me in many peoples (well, not so many), parts of me on my friends, on persons with no affinities (Enemies? Is to be pretentious) in my partners, ex partners, etc.

But you know what is the most important of all?

That every that is hardly and the half of what /who I am.

And that is because like an artist, if you don’t act your character on the play, simply are a ghost without face like the thousands you pass on the street besides you, but that never recalls.

A writer not read, a newscaster not eared, an analyst not judged, etc. simply could be a non benefit, work or use person.

And as sometime I was invited to collaborate on different sites, today I open my space invited by the high commander of this blog to which, yet nervously playing with my hat on my hands, I am greatuful with the fact to share this lines with you.

Maybe you imagine a critical analysis of the phenomenology that could be thinking an affection as the love in crisis time, or thinking in love even if it looks oxymoronic, it isn’t… Maybe you hope we speak here of a business plan capable or make Warren Buffet wanes… Maybe you had high expectations of this humble servant.

So, let’s make a deal: we agree to see each other here all tuesdays at this time, and together see if we fulfill mutual expectations, eh? I put the letters and you put attention, you can complain by comments, so…

… your turn.

El Enigma

Analyst consultant on economical and financial risks,
Chief editor of

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