Fascination about “Fascination”

Besides the #Blog30 Challenge, I’m now preparing a major achievement: a conference for TEDxDF in october. Even if I not been accepted yet as speaker, also I know that my idea and material could make at the final cut and get me on this magnificent event. I had been translating TED conferences to spanish all year long, so you can imagine that the idea of become one speaker in that keeps me inspired.

Well, yesterday they send us a link to a wonderful resource to can identify our forces as speakers, in order to do better talks in the main event. (Actually, they send it in the week, but I see it yesterday). I do the test, found some surprises -including that my strengths combination are really unique, which is not a minor achievement if you consider that 2,000 people had take the test- and… Well, I get fascinated about “Fascination”, so I will write about the strengths the next seven days. So, Stay tuned and try to identify yours!!

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