Fascination: Trust

I’m in a dilemma right now. Last sunday I comment that I will try to cover the 7 fascination triggers in the book of Sally Hodgehead. And your response has been overwhelming. You already go to her site, and visit all the videos in a row. Or get more info. Even some of you already bought the book. Your comments all the week had made me notice that her material is interesting and you find useful too. For me has been an interesting material and a good topic to cover all the week.

But there is my dilemma: The first day I said that I will cover all in seven continuos days. But also I noted that in weekend the people goes out and stop reading at the same pace. So I will stop this series until monday. That way you could be okay if not read this weekend, but also I will keep my work on #Blog30 Challenge -that yesterdady covered 1/3 of the whole route!!

Okay. I can’t said more about trust if I failed to do as said. So, here is the video and you can see from a realiable source… The author herself. See you here tomorrow, but up to monday to resume  Fascination series.

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