Metrobus – 5 years

Today is a bizarre day – besides the fact that just now I can post. It’s the Metrobus “Birthday”, it turns 5 years. It started as a small line in Insurgentes Avenue. After that, it added a second line over Vial Axis Nº 4 South, who goes all the city east-west. Then expanded the Line 1 to the south, and now the Line 3 is in development, from North-to-downtown.

Cruce de Metrobús

Crossroads of Lines 1 & 2, Metrobus

In this years, not only moved 5 million passengers, but also get a Prize from Harvard University for it’s help to get solution to global warming. It had grown and had been positive in so many aspects.

In the down side, is that original idea of Curitiba City, Brazil, and adapted to massive scale by Antanas Mockus, former Major of Bogotá City that tomorrow go to election to be president of Colombia, was used with failures on Insurgentes Avenue Metrobus, and they became worst in lines 2 and 3. Basically, because in Bogotá they builded it in central areas of very big avenues, and when it uses small streets, they are used by the bus exclusively. But here they build it in six road avenue, but using three, with that solution they reduce existing roads by half. In brief, it’s a good idea, but it can be applied better.


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