More on “Radical Careering”.

I hope you are reading “Radical Careering” now. Well, it’s good, it’s interesting, it’s beautiful… And it’s free!! (you didn’t had it? So, get it here for limited time only).

If so, maybe you agree on some radical truths, and disagree on others. This is one of my favorites, not just for the idea but for the companion image:

So, when you are planning on your life, Do you plan for long term or for short term? I think that is healthy to do both: Plans for next weekend, but also plans for twenty years now.

Also, I discovered that a solution is to be flexible: one thing is to had a plan, and other very different is to crave it on stone, and never ever move it! My solution in this point is get a to-do item list for life; some things are accomplished now (like visit America from Alaska to Chile); others yet not (get a published book on mayor label) and some are definitively closed (I can’t be PhD prior to 35 years by now!). But also there are room to get more goals, or to refine the middle points of some of them. (By example, I had been in Chile, Perú, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, México, Canada, Continental US and Alaska; but I can go to more countries, or to go out the airport in Perú!!).

So, What are your goals now? Short Term, Long Term or mixed?? Feel free to comment!!


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  1. Gonzalo-

    Being able to vision both short and long-term plan is important. Putting pen to paper and setting goals to reaching short-term plan and taking daily action steps is key. You are so right about being flexible because goals/plans will change or one needs to reassess. Always have a back-up plan just in case.

  2. One thing I think is useful is to set a goal for the future and then plan backwards to the present. Even if I change my mind on my goals later I find the backwards planning is still helpful.


    • Rodney:

      That’s true!! Planning backwards also helps. Sometimes I do that kind of planning, but mainly in career issues, not in the most personal ones.

      Thanks for sharing, and great blog you had!! Very professional and interesting. (You can read Rodney’s blog here)

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