Simple, but true

Verifing some material from my fellow friends of #Blog30 Challenge, I found a post from Small Bussines Muse (in twitter, SmallBizMuse) that was simple, but true. The main idea is “DON’T forget to put a ‘share’ button, because more people will found your message and your post interesting, but they will not cover the extra mile of open an URL shrink, cut-and-paste your address, open Facebook and comment your post, open Twitter and comment your post, open an e-mail, past the short link, and comment your post. Give them a a quick way to share your content, and they will”.

Next second, I found a way to do it here. I’m sorry, solution wasn’t the better or nicer, but it works. By now, the top button of the menu lets you share all the blog, and I will be adding that ‘share’ button to individual posts (this one already had it, so please use it!.)

This is the kind of ideas you discover in something like #Blog30 Challenge. You can read the complete original post here, and thanks to Small Business Muse for inspiration!!

Share now!

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  1. Thanks for the mention/link! Your share buttons look good.

    • Thanks Michelle. I recently found that gets better integration with blogs. As soon as I make it work properly, I will post that as reply in your original post. I noted that you get a lot commentaries on that!! Thanks again.

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