Slow sunday

Laziness - Photo by Bartimeus

I must confess… there are days slowers than others. Days that feel so tired, or unwilling to do anything, or… Well, you got the idea. I used to describe them as “National Laziness Memorial Day”, and it looks that this one in particular is one of them.

As you can see, this site is changing a lot from the early version 1.o. But also you can note that there are some things that go very slow…  Today I did not work in the blog, not read, not write -until now-, and even didn’t turn TV on. A little trip to church and to visit someone, quick breakfast, some buys at grocery store, and in pijamas at two o’clock!

Yeah, think of it as a day off… The only reason to write is to keep the habit of post daily, even in this “National Laziness Memorial Day”, in which is the compromise with my blog and with you the motor that makes me hitting the keyboard so slowly…

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