The crazy in the vest

I have been writing about Antanas Mockus’ phenomena and his “failure” at not winning the colombian presidential election (hey! He didn’t get even! He lost 2-to-1) eventless he was a phenomenal citizen candidate: not in a traditional party; good name and with public service tradition, an creative proposal and with a new type of message.

But also he had some ‘minus’: he had support of Partido Verde (Green Party) which is new; we has dubitative at the debates; some of his positions on some issues wasn’t clearly enough. But worst, his fame and the nickname of “El Loco” (The Crazy One) keep going, as when he was Bogotá City Major. By example, when he received life-treatening letters and calls from the colombian guerrilla (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, FARC; Colombia’s Revolutionary Army Forces) he star using an armored vest, but whit a heart cutted-off at chest. He said in every public appearance that “FARC, if you are here, shoot me to kill now!”.

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