The #FF Challenge of today. Are you in?

Hi there!

Today is friday, and all people on  Twitter knows that it’s #FollowFriday Day. People who aren’t in Twitter and curious about it, can see the video “Twitter in Plain English” (con subtítulos en español) by CommonCrafts:

So, #FollowFriday is a day on the week on which you recommend to people who follows who do interesting comments, funny stuff, that makes you think, that brings information… Or by any other reason you wish more people follow. You publish the Username of that person, follow by the hashtag #FollowFriday or its short version, #FF. In Mexican case, by suggestion of  @EseMendiola, we add the hashtag #Cuate, that is a nahuatl (aztecs’ language) word who means “twin” but also “Beloved person with uninterested affection, specially if not bonded by blood ties”.

Okay, as a part of a major change in my life -which I will comment another day- and in preparation to the Ultimate Blog Challenge (which starts tomorrow) I want to make a contest between my Twitter followers, who read me there as  @gjsuap:

  • If I reach 50 #FF mentions, I will give away an free e-book for all who had mention me directly. This include anyone who had mention me directly, even if the mention is as a part of a list of more people, if the tweet is original an not retweet from some else (by example, answering or resending another author’s recommendation).
  • The frist 20 #FF will get, besides the e-book, a kit of images for Web sites with high level of detail. It’s a wonderful collection, of near 50 Mb (in Zip format, so imagine it expanded!)
  • If instead of be a simple #FF you include a reason of why follow @gjsuap, you get a second e-book as a gift. Also counts as a special twitt if you use the hashtag #Cuate.
  • As the links to get your prize will be sended by direct message (DM), it’s important that the author of the #FF also follows me in order to send you one book, one book and the graphics kit, or two books and graphics kit.
  • In this page I will include the list (with a link to twitter account) of the people who join the challenge, except for these people who wants to keep anonymous and let me know that.
  • If there are not 50 #FF, there will be no prize for anyone, so we need to cooperating all.
  • All win: at the final list, you will discovered interesting persons to follow on Twitter, I’m sure!

Ok, I think this will be a great challenge. I hope to see you in and I will be very glaad to see your name on the list at the end of the day!!

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