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Well, I do another important milestone in this version of the blog. Now, in the side bar there is the option to subscribe to the e-mail notifications for the special information we had for you. The subscription is easy and quick, and you can unsubscribe easy too.

These are the options:

  • New Posts.- Daily basis, it informs of new posts published.
  • Newsletter.- Sended every two weeks, it will include the best post, aditional information and material that can’t be published easily as post, like mindmaps.
  • Lectures.- Special notice of lectures presented in the blog during the month, and of teleseminars of personal presentations of Gjsuap.
  • E-mail lessons.- Every month we offer a minicourse, and with this option you can get alerted of the upcoming courses.
  • Affiliate Products.- When we discovered special products, free products or interesting links, we will notify by this list.
  • Special notifications.- Sending as necessarily basis, we will report on news of the site, administrative issues and major changes in terms of service.

Of course, you are invited to the option you prefer, and feel free to choose your preferred language.

2 comentarios

  1. Gonzalo:

    Love your wordpress theme. The sidebars with the podcast listed are so accessible. Upbeat music nice commentary for July 15 world soccer games and their flags. Attempted to read the Spanish version and wow at the sidebar there is a translation widget. The blog/website is beautiful.
    Fantastic job. Look forward to more blog post.
    Have a good day.

    Jane Lee

    • Jane:

      Thanks for visiting. You see that many of your suggestions – event the AudioBoo at the side – are now ready and operating. I am still processing the post of July and their tags; there will be ready soon.

      Saludos y Gracias.


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