What if I don’t want to be in camera?

Marecelo Ebrard y un monitor - Foto: STCMetro

Mayor Ebrard and a multicamera monitor - Photo: STCMetro

In yesterday’s post I comment that the new surveillance system in Mexico City includes cameras on the subway, and that they will be used to detect delinquents who had warrants and don’t be arrested yet. The system had a facial recognition system that scans every user faces. Yesterday I found two monitoring centrals running face detection routines -sorry pals, I owe you the photo. I don’t want to be acussed of spying the spys!! The photo is from Mexico City’s Mayor, Marcelo Ebrard on the opening of the system. You can see behind him one of the multicamera monitors.

Well, the problem I stated yesterday continues: What if I don’t want to be record by the government? Maybe in an controlled access situation, like the subway station, it’s inevitable. But on the streets? I remember that in Vancouver’s Subway (in British Columbia, Canada) I saw that in part of the station there is a camera vigilance system, but in half the station and the train isn’t. So, if you like to travel more safe, but supervised by government, you could; but also if you want to be private, at a little bigger risk, you can. So, it’s individual choice in both cases. Really, it’s so difficult to make that kind of authority use, but also respecting each persons’ will? What’s your opinion?

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