A comment on a Post…

As a member of the #Blog30 challenge, I discovered some blogs from what I learn a lot; two or tree of them are now in my “favorites” tab and I try to read every single post. One of them is Gwen Tanner. In his post of 11-VI she makes a great point I want to comment with you.

In a nutshell, she said that starting the Challenge makes us post daily for a month. But also it could be the starting of a long-term relationship with other bloggers and with our regular readers. Because many people will start to follow us by posting daily. I hope we can do it.

But also is like starting a relationship with our loyal readers. If we keep providing them with valuable information, get our area clearly defined and keep posting, is possible to make a long-term relationship and eventually get an A-Blogger writer. Maybe is not easy, but sure its desirable goal! If you want to see all the Gwen’s post, you can go here. And if you are one of my “regular” readers, please make a comment so I can star writing letters to you! Thanks.


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