#BlogBoost starts

Hello to everyone!

I’m very happy that my fellow partners on #Blog30 Challenge, Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer had continue the inspiration of  Jeanette Cates and Connie Green to create another blogging challenge, in this case the  Ultimate Blog Challenge.

During the next 30 days, I will publish, every day without exception, one post on this blog that I hope it will be of interest. To add value, it will be also in spanish -so I will do a double challenge! Additionally, as part of the challenge, when publishing on Twitter I will add the hashtag #BlogBoost in order to be easily followed by other members. Also, I will comment in at leas three other blogs form other members everyday.

By the Ultimate Blog Challenge I hope to accomplish five goals:

  1. Set an example of an active blog.
  2. Create a daily habit.
  3. Reading another people posts.
  4. Make connections and interact with other amazing people.
  5. Accountability.

In another post I will comment what can find new readers of this blog. By now, one warning: I keep working in the process of turning and spanish-english alternate blog to one in which you can select and see just one language at a time; it is possible that you found some errors, and I hope you help me to solve them, by sending an email or comment. And I ask you, please, to leave comments every time you like and can.

So, welcome and let’s star very interesting 30 days!

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