Why Bilingual?

Someone has asking me why bother to had a bilingual blog if I don’t live or do business on U.S. and the main topics of the blog are about reflections on living in Mexico City and not about technical stuff that could be useful to anybody. And here are the main reasons:

  • I participate on #Blog30 Challenge last june. And once inscribed, in the first days I noted that mine was the only blog in spanish. That could be very useful or limiting: on one side, I will had all the audience in spanish for all the Challenge; on the other side, it was 1 person in that group: just me. So, in order to get all the benefits of it, I started to post in both languages.
  • Keep me fluid. Even If I know english well, I practice very little some years. So, if I try to do an effort to write in english, I keep training now for when be necessary.
  • Wide the audience. Now, I can had readers not only in U.S., but in the vast majority of the 220+ countries of the world. The main language used in WWW is English.

Some said that is an extra effort not justified. But I enjoyed it. Also, I discovered the WPML (WordPress MultiLangauge Plugin) that helps on the process… and of which I will comment tomorrow here.

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